Employee Awareness Program Details

Employee Awareness Program Details


  • Distinction: Harassment Vs Sexual Harassment
  • What is Sexual Harassment?
  • Boundaries
  • Types of workplace Sexual Harassment
  • What constitutes Sexual harassment including 3rd Party Harassment.
  • Behavioural zones

                1.Green Zone

                2.Amber Zone

                3. Red Zone

  • Consenting Relationships

Office Romance & Amorous relationships

  • Company’s PoSH Policy and Process
  • Internal complaints committee
  • Steps to be taken by Employee- Who they should reach out to ?
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Employer’s (Managers)
  • Case Studies

Section 19c
‘Organize Workshops and awareness programs at regular intervals for sensitizing the employees with the Provisions of the Act ..”

Batch size of 30Maximum
Duration – 2.5 hours
First few interaction should be FTF and Onsite
Can also be considered for On boarding process