Legal Consulting

Legal Consulting:

  • VVC India Pvt Ltd is a Legal Service provider company offering various Legal Services. Areas of services includes total Contract Desk solutions , Corporate Law, Commercial & Consumer Litigation, Intellectual Property Law, and Property Law. Our services include Drafting Contracts, Contract Reviews , Document Management , Negotiation, Drafting Litigation Support documents, Legal Research, E-discovery and Documents Review, and other paralegal services including lionizing with Regulators. Our services are offered at such cost effective rates, with no compromise on the quality, that law firms and legal departments of companies benefit extensively on their time and money which they utilize for acquiring more clients


  • There are multiple reasons for organizations to consider outsourcing legal services. The reasons could be cost effectiveness, resource challenges, cost management, augmentation of in-house legal process expertise, scalability and flexibility – on a project basis or as a strategic initiative. As varied as the challenges and their solutions may be, the common denominator remains a non-negotiable requirement for excellence.
  • VVC was founded on the idea that even complex and intricate legal services can be delivered more effectively with a scalable, repeatable, well-managed process. Outsourcing, which benefits from process mastery, enables you to focus internal resources on the issues that demand your substantive expertise with the knowledge that the legal services you outsource are handled efficiently and effectively.
  • Working with VVC means you are partnering with one of the experienced and highly regarded Legal Process Outsourcing Organization.


Contract Review & Compliance Management

  • The initial engagement with a client for transactional support relating to drafting, revising and executing commercial contracts is premised on Demarcating the client’s relevant standards and operating procedures/processes, i.e. how is the client presently executing its responsibilities in regards to the particular contract type at issue and what legal standards are applied
  • Determining how VVC can effectively integrate with those procedures in order to provide the requisite support
  • Executing a phased, knowledge-sharing schedule that concentrates on acclimatizing VVC to the client’s practices