CSR Consulting

CSR Consulting

Vihiti value proposition is CSR comes with the enabling strategic alignment of the charter to org vision and business vision, enabling employee engagement and program management and monitoring.

Vihiti will provide comprehensive support to help organizations manage their CSR needs . This includes helping companies identify their CSR vision, drive a game plan for execution of the strategy, help in identifying the right partners for execution in considering the needs of all the stakeholders in the system and outside.

This will include
I. Strategy formulation
1.Understand current initiatives and strategies new initiatives in line with the org vision and line of business
2.Co-opt employees in implementation
II. Program management and Dashboards
1.Identify new initiatives
2.Project status
4.Reviews and reporting
III. Compliance to Law
1.Ensure compliance to section 135 of the companies Act

I. Strategy formulation

Org engagement :Vihiti will work with the employee groups and leadership in understanding current work in progress initiatives, company outlook toward CSR and help in firming up the plan for implementation.
Audit of current initiatives :Vihiti will also guide the organization in understanding which of the initiative qualify and which don’t under the current scheme of activities to section 135 of the companies Act and schedule provided.

II. Program management and Dashboards

New project identification :Vihiti will partner in identifying and ideating new projects and initiatives based on employee interest, org business and needs of the ecosystem within which the organization is located or wants to touch.
Evaluation framework :Vihiti will also create an appropriate evaluation and due diligence framework to vet organizations that are being explored and will enable the organization to have a robust framework for identification and selection.
Project framework :Vihiti will undertake detailed discussions with the selected projects to identify charter, milestones, budget deployment timelines and outcomes expected etc.

III. Analytic and reporting

The reporting will focus on multiple levels of data assimilation and reporting
Executive level summary
Elaborate Details by project to outcomes and milestones
Financial dashboards
Compliance dashboards
Employee engagement information