Managers Sensitization Program Details

Managers Sensitization Program Details

Context Setting

  • Genesis of POSH
  • POSH Act overview
  • Civil and Criminal Consequences of SH at workplace
  • Industry stories
  • Distinction: Harassment Vs Sexual Harassment
  • Types of workplace sexual harassment including 3rd Party Harassment
  • Behavioral zones : Green Zone; Amber Zone; Red Zone
  • Consenting Relationships

                 1.Office Romance

                 2.Amorous relationships

  • Remedies available to Employee
  • Role of the leader in preventing and managing SH
  • Creating a inclusive workplace culture including Understanding Conflicts leading to Complaints
  • Company’s POSH Policy and Process
  • Internal complaints committee
  • Case Studies

Section 19c
on Awareness Workshop recommends to have a Managers Sensitization program.

Batch size of 20 Maximum
Duration – 3 hours
FTF and Onsite