Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

Your Employee Handbook can really make managing your employees easier and less time consuming.  Having a single point of reference where employees can see the rules that apply to them will ensure consistency in the organisation.

It also helps new employees to settle into their new roles quickly and makes sure that you have the legal policies in place that you need.

Furthermore, your Employee Handbook should be a reflection of your business. The tone, style and content will help the new employees to understand what it’s really like to work in your company.

We can either:

  • review and update the employee handbook you have in place or
  • provide you with a new employee handbook tailored to your needs.

Service Key Features

  • Complimentary review of your existing handbook by an experienced HR professional.
  • Presentation of any areas that should be updated and the process for implementation.
  • A handbook that provides employees the information they need and meets your legal obligations as an employer.

The work can be performed either onsite, offsite (by phone and email) or a bit of both