Managing Employee Grievance

Employee Grievance:

Dealing with employee grievance for small businesses can be very challenging.  There may be times when you make certain unpopular decisions or something happens at the workplace that is beyond your control. Emotions can run high and it is important to ensure that it get addressed so that it does not create a widespread negative impact.

We can support you

  • By guiding you through the grievance process
  • Or you can handover the case to us and we will investigate and hear the matter on your
  • If the grievance is not justified we can help you deal with the employee and get them to move on from the issue.
  • If the grievance is justified, we can help remedy the situation. 

Service Key Features

  • Support from an HR professional who’s dealt with all types of employee grievances before.
  • Confidence you are following sound legal process, removing the emotion and focusing on the facts.
  • A practical approach that gets you the outcome you’re looking for with minimum risk.
  • The work can be performed either onsite or offsite