Behavioural Frameworks

Behavioral Frameworks

A Behavioral Framework is the document that makes it easier to have those difficult conversations with people where you need to tell them “You’re brilliant at what you do BUT no one wants to work with you!” A Behavioral Framework sets what behaviors you value in your employees and what you’ll see when people demonstrate those behaviors.

Managers are often very happy to have the difficult conversations with people when they make mistakes or there is some easily measurable area of their work where improvement is needed. However, when the difficult conversation is around the far less measurable area of behavior it can be very uncomfortable for all.  Equally, as your team grows you can find the culture that had developed starts to dilute and you lose some of the things you really valued.

This is where a Behavioral Framework can be invaluable.  The framework outlines the Culture that you want to protect and nurture and can be linked to PMS.

Service Key Features

  • A clear definition of the behaviors you value in your employees.
  • A Behavioral Framework will help with the recruitment and assessment of employees.
  • A Behavioral Framework will help you protect and develop the culture you want.