Performance Management

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisals tend to be something businesses either embrace, ignore or conduct in a fairly half-hearted manner. Performance Appraisals make a significant positive impact if designed in such a way as to be right for the business.  The businesses who either ignore or are half-hearted about performance appraisals, tend to be those who haven’t seen any benefit arise from them. An effective PMS will incorporate certain key aspects of regular feedback, frequent employee/line manager interactions and true focus on developing the skills of the employee with a future focus.

VVC HR Solutions can help you put a performance appraisal solution in place that will work for your business.

From the simple…

The simplest solution provides elementary, printed templates to capture an individual’s targets, key achievements and development areas. The summary information is collated in spread-sheets enabling basic analysis as part of the business review processes.

…to the sophisticated…

At the sophisticated end of the range, targets will be aligned to business goals, and desired changes in business capabilities will be driven by business strategy. The solution may be provided through a web-hosted system using online templates that capture information from the employee, the manager and the employee’s peers. This 360-degree view on individual, team and department performance feeds into the analysis of overall business performance, as well as supporting succession planning and resource management.

…and everything in between.

It’s likely that the performance appraisal solution you need falls somewhere between the two. We’ll work with you to capture your requirements and provide you with what you need.


The solutions include training of those involved.

Service Key Features

  • A clear way to measure the performance of employees.
  • A process in place that helps you to identify development areas for employees.
  • A way to ensure that employees are clear as to what is expected of them and what good looks like.